Luk oversigt

Here in the modern times where even if you are on holiday can not do without the Internet and e-mails – we can of course offer wireless Internet throughout the site.

Wireless Internet requires that you bring your own PC and a wireless network card, the resulting benefit is that you can sit in his caravan / chalet and send mails, “surf” the Web and send its holiday pictures around to family and friends.

BecomeVIP customerand get free internet in your entire vacation at the reception.
Køb trådløst Internet her

WiFi – prices:
1 hour 20 kr.
3 hours 50 kr.
10 hours 100 kr.
40 hours 200 kr.
It is effective time – i.e. when you log off time counts no longer.
Note the account must be used within 30 days of purchase.
We always recommend that you have tested whether you can get online before purchasing the net time.
Connection quality may vary depending on the computer you are using.
The ticket is not refundable after it is put into use.