Luk oversigt

We have 4 exciting playgrounds on campone Bøjden Strand.

And an absolutely stunningKOMPAN MULTI-PATH– Ideal playground for all kinds of ball games.

The biggest playground is located at the center of the building, where we also have indoor and outdoor water park.

Furthermore, we have a playground for the 0-5 year old children, it is in the middle of the square at the service building 3. There is also a playground at building 4, where there is a large trampoline. Last but not least, we also have a playground for the slightly bigger children Kompan’s new series “Galaxy”.

All playgrounds have Kompan playground equipment. Kompan always meets all applicable safety standards and manage to keep safety in mind without compromising on the play value.

Besides the playground and playgrounds, we also have great fun bouncy castles!

See the big playground live

See playground for 0-5 years live

See the playground with trampoline live

See Bøjden Strand Arena live