Luk oversigt

Separate room for the small company att wants to do most sig.
With room for up to 30 persons – tables and chairs available

09:00 – 15:30
DKK 750
15:30 – 22:00
DKK 750
09:00 – 22:00
DKK 1500
Deposit (payable on booking)
DKK 500


NEWClean rooms for larger parties for up to 120 people – there også access to a small kitchen facilities etc.

I do it all yourself
DKK 4000
We provide food
DKK 2500
Depositum (betales ved reservation)
DKK 1000
We provide it all


There can be agreed later end, however, no later than. 24.00.

Subsequently hour, 1 hour
DKK 500

Advantageous prices for campone VIP clients.


See our banqueting room live