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Evening Buffet

Campone Bøjden Strand luxury buffet

Serve Fridays and Saturdays at. 18:00, can also be purchased as Takeout during the same period.


Adult – incl. free ice cream bar.
DKK 199
Children 2 to 11 years -incl. 1 small soft drinks and free ice cream bar
DKK 99
Children 0-2 years
Buffet Take-away – Make your own buffet tray with what you would like from the buffet.
DKK 139


Campone Bøjden Strand luxury buffet


Always two delicious appetizers:

Delicious fresh baked bread
Soup of the Day
Cold fish platter with dressing


We cut out:

Fillet of Hereford Uruguay
Beef brisket with spicy barbecue and horseradish
Marinated juicy chicken breast
Slightly Salted rib roast with crispy crunch
Braised veal topside with lemon and wild garlic


Accessories and the next:

Scalloped potatoes / Gratin Potatoes
Spiced potatoes
French fries
crispy onion rings
baked ratatouille
Whisky Sauce
Red wine urtesky
Bearnaise Sauce
Large delicious salad bar


Additional to the smallest:

chicken Nuggets
crunchy fish fillets

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