Luk oversigt

Fyn is filled with good experiences for the whole family. You never get bored on Fyn. Here are museums galore, the arts, famous Funen, cultural history and archeology.

It is teeming with animals of all sizes and species ranging from frogs to guinea pigs and cows to hedgehogs and you meet them at times under the sea, in terrariums, in a museum or in a gravel pit.

Visit a lion’s den or play golf, sailing with old wooden ship, spot a train or write your own holiday adventures. You’ll find it all within manageable distances.

Approximately 9 km. from campone Bøjden Strand is Faaborg is a very beautiful old port city. There is great shopping, interesting sights and scenery in the area is quite unique. Every night there are evening stroll with the watchman from the bell tower in the middle of the city. It is also possible for the vintage train rides, island-sea cruise, summer games at Holstenshus Gods and much more.
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